Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Region East

So happy to have won Norwegian Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Region East! Press release in Norwegian here. It feels really good to get validation on what you do, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Hopefully this will also help YAY get more attention, and with that meetings and potential business deals. The national final is held November 18th, and winning that would be amazing for us. There is a money price of app. $75.000, and that would go directly into setting up a daughter company and office here in San Francisco – and help us reach our vision!

From Innovation Norway’s TwitterVinner av Årets Gründerkvinne region Øst er Linda Johannessen og @yayimages. Vi gratulerer med prisen!

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I had to record a two minute video of my self, meant to be a presentation of myself and what it means to me if I win, and how I feel about being a potential role model. Awkward to see myself on such as big screen!

I’m happy if I’m able to inspire other (female) entrepreneurs into taking the leap. Being an entrepreneur is the best decision I’ve made, and I think lots of people would grow and thrive as entrepreneurs. It’s hard work, but you’re working towards your own vision and goal. I’ve been asked if I have any entrepreneur role models that I look up to, and for me the answer is no. I don’t have one specific person, but lots of amazing entrepreneurs that I’ve met after starting YAY. One of them is Anne Kristine, my competition in the region east finals. She’s not only a great and talented business woman, but also an amazing person! She’s founded SocialBoard, and also have a new, really exciting project that they are starting soon. Hopefully she and her husband will join me here in San Francisco next year. (Yes, because I’m staying!).

One thing new entrepreneurs should be aware of is how important it is to connect to your local entrepreneur community. You’ll get to know people who understands what you’re going through, who can give you tips, ideas, connect you with others, and be a great support. And of course, you’ll be the same for them. In Oslo we have several communities, such as StartUpLab and Mesh – both incubators, and also StartUp Norway, a network organization. For Norwegians in Silicon Valley there’s Innovation House, a great resource for us newbies in the valley.

Seems like there will be a lot of traveling for me the upcoming weeks. Next week I’m going to NYC for some meetings + vacation. Jan Ole is speaking at the PACA conference, telling the image industry how we’re going to fix the piracy problem. The same day Oddbjørn is speaking at Digital Winners, Telenor! Then we’re all going to Dublin to attend The Summit, and I probably should be in Oslo for the finals (fingers crossed that I win). And between all this we still have to run YAY, and most of all: continue growing!

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