More pictures, from day 2 and 3

Until my jet lag wears off this will be an image blog. It’s a weird feeling, because I’m so excited to be working in SF – but at the same time I have this “groggy, slo-mo, brain-in-syrup feeling“.

On Friday I went to Innovation House’s downtown office,  where Maria and I worked on our partner and investor strategy. The office is on the 39th floor, so the view is amazing!

2014-09-05 12.19.39

This is how they do “Friday beers” at Innovation House: You drink a beer while you continue working.

2014-09-05 18.05.41

There is a bus stop right outside my house, and the bus takes me all the way to the downtown office. It would be a nice walk, but the neighborhood between here and the office isn’t the best.

2014-09-05 18.56.50

I spent Friday night at home, ordering in food and watching The Americans (thanks Jan!). Went to bed early (jet lagged). The next morning I went for a run at the Alamo Sq. Park. The park is right next to where I live, and it is beautiful! The houses in this area are all Victorian, with amazing decor and color details.

2014-09-06 11.12.56

The park has a view to downtown SF.

2014-09-06 11.29.09

Happy-selfie, after the run.

2014-09-06 11.30.18

Tried to capture some of the details of the houses.

2014-09-06 11.33.52

Later that day I also went for a walk around  the neighborhood – but it was so beautiful I forgot to take pictures.

The downside of being here is the time difference. 9 hours makes it difficult to keep in touch with people back home. Luckily my sister Mari lives in Albany, so we Skyped for an hour+.

2014-09-06 18.17.25
Then I ordered dinner from GrubHub. The selection is huge, and the food is delivered within an hour. The price is less than I would spend if I went to the grocery store.  The food in San Francisco is so great! I think the number of vegans helps improve the quality of healthy food offerings.

2014-09-06 18.49.22

I also got a new phone today, for my Norwegian number. It’s large, it has Windows, and I’m not gonna use it. 😉

2014-09-06 20.56.25

I also got a Clipper card. This works the same way as the Ruter card, and I can use it on Muni (the busses), Bart and CalTrain. Public transportation ftw! (Uber is great, but it’s to expensive – haven’t used it yet.)

2014-09-06 20.51.50

My Saturday night is pretty much the same as Friday: ordering in, a couple of beers, The Americans, and early to bed – while I tell myself it’s not because I’m old and boring, it is the jet lag. It is!

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