Work, work, work, work, work, fun, fun, repeat

Life in California is good! It’s work all week, closing in on 50-60 hours/week on YAY. The little time left is spent on authenpic, the project I’m doing with my fantastic sister Mari. I do get asked how I manage my time, and I think the key to this is what I don’t do: I don’t have any hobbies (except YAY, authenpic), here in SF I haven’t found the time to work out, I don’t do housework at all, I don’t spend time on shopping, ‘beauty routines’ (except the bare minimum), TV – I watch a couple of shows at HBOnordic 2-3 hours/week, I’m not social on weekdays. I strive for good enough on most things I do, just a very, very few things here in life needs to be perfect.

I know I should prioritize exercise, since it’s the best way to combat stress, but yeah – I’m struggling with getting up at 6 or 7 to go for a run. I do all my socializing and fun on the weekend, trying to keep my YAY work on Saturday and Sunday to the bare necessities.

I still plan to make this blog something more than just a ‘pictures from my life’-blog, but in comes pretty low on my priority list. First is YAY, then authenpic, then a social life, then the blog. So, here are some pics from the last couple of weeks, hope you enjoy them.


A couple of weeks ago I presented YAY to a group of Finnish people, wanting to learn more about being a Startup in Silicon Valley. Went well! Thanks to Thomas, one of the interns at Innovation House, for taking pictures.

2014-09-22 13.33.21

One of the things I love about being here is the food. If you order a tuna sandwitch you won’t get canned tune – but fresh, raw fish. Delicious! This was a lunch with a great entrepreneur from Ghana, that I met through my desk at Meltwater. Meltwater is a marketing company here in SF, hugely successful – and super kind, giving me a free desk to support entrepreneur! Didn’t want to ask Ethel for a picture, so I just got one of my food instead.

2014-09-19 18.31.25

I’ll never tire of this view. It’s so beautiful to see the fog come in over the hills at sunset.

2014-09-25 20.40.38

I live with 5-7 people, and currently 3 dogs + a chameleon. This is Brody, and she gets sooo happy when she’s allowed into my room for some cuddling.

2014-09-20 15.57.00

One of many places that reminds me of Grunerløkka in Oslo. San Francisco is pretty much like a large, better version of Løkka.

2014-09-21 20.53.02

I love to cook, but after 4 weeks I’ve made dinner twice… I always eat lunch out, for dinner during the week I mostly order in from one of the great delivery services here (they deserve a blog post of their own) – and in the weekends it great to go out to eat.

2014-09-23 08.06.15

authenpic managed to pick up some press the last couple of weeks as well. This is from, we also got featured in the two local papers + As for YAY, I got interviewed for D2 last week. The reporter Line was really good, and I’m looking forward to reading the article. It’s a feature about Norwegian startups in Silicon Valley.


Last week Innovation House became Nordic Innovation House. Launched at a mixer, and I got to meet lots of great, talented people.

2014-09-22 19.32.04-2

Leaving the office late at night, at Market St, SF.

2014-09-26 19.15.51

I’ve been to Oakland! Didn’t even get killed! Loved this patio, with the greens and lights.

2014-09-27 16.37.02

On Saturday I got to go hiking in Redwood forest! The trees are just mind-blowing large, and old. My inner treehugger was so happy!
2014-09-27 15.58.09 2
All in all, life is good. 

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