When I’m not working..

I’m mostly working 10-12 hours days here, but I try to have some time off in the weekend. Last Thursday, after the mingling event I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner with Maria and some of her friends. It was a really great night with pre-dinner drinks, lots of really nice people, interesting and fun conversations, and great food. On Friday night and most of Saturday I worked on Authenpic, the project I’m doing with my sister Mari, before I joined Maria and another group of her friends for some beers at Dolores park. Sunday I walked around the neighborhood, and worked some more with both YAY and Authenpic. It’s kind of nice when your work is your hobby, and your hobby is your work.

2014-09-08 13.18.37

Outside the the office at Market Street, Financial District.

2014-09-09 14.14.52

The view when eating lunch outside.

2014-09-10 09.08.08


A (tired) CalTrain selfie. Going to the Palo Alto office. And no, it’s not raining. Been sunny every day since I came.

2014-09-10 13.13.22

The food in California is fantastic. This is quinoa salad, chicken and hummus.

2014-09-12 18.57.38

Friday night with Authenpic and takeaway food. Today I got it 5 minutes after ordering! I’ve been using two services that Maria recommended: Sprig and SpoonRocket. Both deliver the food really fast, the food is good – and healthy.

2014-09-13 17.57.51

At Dolores Park. Reminds me a lot of Sofienberg park in Oslo.

2014-09-13 19.34.39

Oh yes! San Francisco has a street called Linda! I’ll have to move there!

2014-09-13 20.17.05

Eating some great, greasy Mexican food after the park.

2014-09-14 13.06.33


This is my street. It’s so beautiful! 

I’m liking San Francisco more and more, even if I’ve only seen parts of the city yet. I live at Alamo Square, and I’ve walked to Golden Gate Park, across Castro to Mission, and I work at the Financial district. The rest of the city is still unexplored, but I plan to change that in the upcoming weekends.

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